How to quit smoking? Eliminate withdrawal symptoms

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There are different ways to quit smoking and you can choose an approach that would suit you. There are a lot of natural herbal products in the market that can aid smokers to quit smoking. Most withdrawal symptoms peak in 48 hours after you quit. You may choose a nicotine replacement therapy to help you to reduce the cravings for cigarette. For example, nicotine spray, nicotine patch and nicorette gum can suppress your addiction for nicotine. Smokeless cigarettes seem to be the next thing and may soon replace real cigarettes in public places. This helps you by gradually reducing your intake of nicotine until you reach the point that your body does not need any nicotine at all. 



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What is result of quitting? - A longer and healthier life ahead. The risks of having heart diseases, bronchitis, stroke, emphysema, and the likes (which may lead to death) are considerably reduced.Nicotine also negative affects on women health. Women who smoke generally have earlier menopause. If women smoke cigarettes and also take oral contraceptives, they are more prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases than are other smokers. The effects of nicotine using during pregnancy are the greatest after the fourth month. It's the fact that the acute effects of nicotine actually improve certain areas of short-term memory (albeit only temporarily), the long-term effects of smoking over time are what cause mental decline.